May 06,2018
NEW project !
With rhythm and love by Elitsa Todorova! The singer, drummer and inventor Elitsa Todorova starts writing her first book biography - elegantly illustrated with photos and personal insights from the trips and in 40 countries at the highest level in the world. Elitsa will become acquainted with her successes and the intriguing encounters she had at Eurovision 2007 and 2013 with the Swedish Royal Fleet, Prince Albert 2, Pope John Paul 2, Ban Ki Moon, and others . Individuals influencing growth as a character and temperament. The Olympic stadium, which she puts on her feet in 2011, will be the headline of the publication. Whoever helps on the way, how he invents his UNIQUE drums, which scares everywhere foreigners around the world and interesting facts from his personal and life will be included in the beautiful edition that is expected to be published in English and Bulgarian.
March 10,2018
Bulgaria Rouse
10.03.2018 Concert: Elitsa Todorova, Martin & Kristian Pishtolski. Kонцертът ще се състои в Центъра за култура и изкуство в гр. Русе.
February 15,2018
Bulgaria Sofia
15.02.2018 20.00h. Private Party Elitsa Todorova, Martin & Kristian Pishtolski
January 11,2018
Bulgaria Sofia
Koнцерт - София 11.1.2018. 18.00ч. Катедрален храм Александър Невски София. Елица Тодорова и братя Пищолски.
January 07,2018
Special edition
E style > DRUM Sticks !
January 04,2018
January 04,2018
January 04,2018
October 21,2017
Bulgaria Devin
Elitsa Todorova, Martin & Kristian Pishtolski. 101 bulgarian bagpipes live ! 21.10.2017
October 10,2017
Bulgaria Sofia
Eлица Тодорова ще бъде лице на кампанията: "УСПЕЛИ БЪЛГАРИ ДАВАТ ЛИЧЕН ПРИМЕР". С подкрепата на Столичната община, в лицето на г-жа Йорданка Фандъкова и Г-жа Диана Миланова. Инициативата има за цел да мотивира и вдъхнови децата да учат чрез добрите примери. Тервел Пулев, Мария Гроздева, Ники Кънчев и др. също подкрепят инициативата ! Училищата които ще бъдат посетени от утвърдените личности ще бъдат обявени на 1.10.2017 !
September 23,2017
Bulgaria Shabla
23.09.2017 14.00h. Concert: Elitsa Todorova, Martin Pishtolski, Kristian Pishtolski
September 08,2017
Bulgaria Varna
8.09.2017 Art of stars Varna Concert in Grand Mall Varna !
September 07,2017
Elitsa Todorova jury in Art of stars !
6,7,9.2017 BG Varna Mall Varna
August 10,2017
Bulgaria Sofia
10.8.2017 Concert The Bells Elitsa Todorova Martin Pishtolski Kristian Pishtolski!
August 05,2017
Bulgaria Zemen
05.08.2017 19.00h Concert Elitsa Todorova
July 07,2017
Wedding ! Sofia Park Hotell Moscow
June 17,2017
Italy concert
17.6.2017 Lecce / Puglia
May 24,2017
Italy Milano
24.5.2017 more info soon ! Elitsa Todorova, Martin Pishtolski Kristian Pishtolski !
May 13,2017
Concert Slovakia
13.5.2017 Elitsa Todorova Martin Pishtolski Kristian Pishtolski
May 11,2017
Bulgaria in Eurovision 2017 !
"Today is the Eurovision semifinals 2017. Wishing success to the Bulgarian representative: 17 year-old Kristian Kostov for a decent ranking of our country! I'm sure this boy's talent will be noticed and appreciated. I call on all those who have the opportunity to vote for the Bulgarian song in Eurovision 2017 "Beautifull mess". We will depart with our team for a concert in Slovakia, where we will follow the competition and we will have the opportunity to call for both the Bulgarian community and foreigners to vote for Bulgaria! Success!" With Love: Elitsa Todorova
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